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5 Top Benefits of Boot Camp Circuit Training

Now that gyms are re-opening, you might be considering going back to your old routine and train indoors again. While there's nothing wrong with gyms and weight training, this article will give you 5 Top Benefits of Boot Camp Circuit Training you definitely need to consider. As you are about to see, there are at […]

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Fitness Academy Tips: Low-Impact Workouts Post-Injury

Much though we’d like it to be the case, we’re not always able to stay as fit as can be, as human beings. There are inevitably times, no matter how athletic or fit we are, where we get injured. Whether you happen to be a casual jogger, though, or the most ardent gym-goer, everybody’s equally […]

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Circuit Training Essex: What Are The Benefits Of A Strong Core?

There are many benefits to having a seriously strong core beyond just having that Hollywood six-pack. A strong and healthy core is vital to everyday movement and functioning, and offers a vital stabilising and balancing force to your body. The team here at Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy offer circuit training in Essex; we wanted to […]

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Really great training with a great mix of training and people. 
It’s an awesome source of motivation to keep fit...
Chris H