Circuit Training vs. Isolation Training

Here at Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy, our focus is on functional fitness workouts in the form of group circuit training. This differs from what you’ll see most people typically doing in your big franchise gyms for their workouts; bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, quad extensions – those sorts of things. The difference? The latter are isolation […]

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Outdoor Circuit Training: 5 Top Post-Workout Tips!

You’ve run, you’ve lifted, you’ve pushed through the hard work and you’ve got the sweat to show for it. You’ve reached the end of your workout, but then, with a heaving chest and that rush of endorphins, you wonder – what do I do now? Recovery after a workout is as important, and in many […]

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5 Easy Ways To Get Fit In Essex This Summer!

Getting fit is one of those common New Year’s Resolutions that all too often gets left by the wayside within a couple of months. Whether it’s the business of daily life, a lack of opportunity or a struggle for motivation, it’s easy to ‘want to get fit’ without ever actually ‘getting fit’. The truth, though, […]

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