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A Sense Of Community - The Benefits Of Group Fitness Classes

We get it; for some people, being a lone wolf is just their “thing”. Whether it’s headphones on in the corner of gym (which you encroach upon at your own risk…) or a brisk half marathon before the sun’s even come up, for some people, exercise is their escape and their alone time. And that’s […]

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Essex Boot Camp Training: 5 Exercises For When You’re Short On Time

Sometimes, even when we’ve got the best intentions in the world, we just haven’t got the time to commit to exercising that we’d really like. Whether it’s work commitments, studying for an assignment, looking after our family or anything else, there aren’t always enough hours in the day to crack out a lengthy workout session. […]

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Find Corporate Gyms A Bit Intimidating? Try Our Outdoor Group Training Sessions, Instead!

The gym can be an intimidating place, even for seasoned veterans. With glaring lights, jacked up muscle heads and more equipment than you could throw a stick at, many people find the prospect of training in a corporate-style gym understandably daunting. That’s before you even begin to factor in just how busy they can get, […]

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Really great training with a great mix of training and people. 
It’s an awesome source of motivation to keep fit...
Chris H
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