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5 Top Benefits of Boot Camp Circuit Training

by James Thompson

Now that gyms are re-opening, you might be considering going back to your old routine and train indoors again. While there's nothing wrong with gyms and weight training, this article will give you 5 Top Benefits of Boot Camp Circuit Training you definitely need to consider. As you are about to see, there are at least five good reasons why outdoor fitness is steadily gaining popularity, which isn't about to stop anytime soon, and it’s an all year round thing too!

Benefit #1: Circuit Training Is Excellent for Weight Loss & Building Muscle

Bootcamp fitness is an excellent way of training as it is a combination of cardio and strength training, which makes it a great opportunity to shed fat and build muscle mass at the same time.

This type of circuit training keeps you constantly moving as you go from one exercise to the next with minimal rest in between. That is opposite to classic gym training, where you rest between sets for several minutes. While that's great for strength development, it won't do you much good if your goal is to lose fat too.

Circuit training is an ideal combination of both worlds - you are doing strength and endurance exercises, all in a single workout. That will help you maintain and build muscles while simultaneously trimming down fat, giving you the popular "toned" physique.

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Benefit #2: Boot Camp Circuit Training is Great for Busy Essex People

Because circuit training keeps you constantly moving and engaged, you will build cardiovascular fitness, as well as burn fat. But, because you are also doing strength exercises, your muscles will get engaged too. That means you will lose fat and build muscle in the same workout, making bootcamp fitness ultra-efficient.

All the Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy workouts are carefully programmed to be fun, safe and challenging at the same time. That means you will have a great time and stay injury-free while getting to your fitness goals.

Our schedule is ideal for busy people like yourself. During hot summer months, we recommend morning workouts to spike up your energy before work and get your day going. Or, if you are not an early bird, we also offer early evening sessions that you can attend after work.

And if you are wondering how long a workout takes - only 50 minutes! But, trust us, you will see after the first session how 50 minutes is more than enough. 🙂

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Benefit #3: Outdoor Fitness Is Safe and Fun

Exercising outside has some obvious benefits we rarely thought about prior to 2020 - breathing fresh air, enjoying the sunlight, not being crowded in a constricted space. When working out indoors, it is much harder to follow all the health and safety protocols, as you need to be on alert constantly. Even if it's doable, it makes working out less fun. And if you don't enjoy it, you will be less likely to do it regularly, which is the only thing that matters.

Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy ensures you're working out in a safe and pleasant environment. Fresh air, morning sun, green grass and a lot of space combined with carefully planned workouts and engaging coaches - that's all it takes to reach your fitness goals this year!

Benefit #4: Outdoor Fitness Is Great for Mental Health And Social Engagement

While working out at home can be for building muscles and losing fat, it usually lacks one thing - social interactions. Even working out at the gym can feel lonely. Everyone is looking at themselves in the mirror, with headphones over their ears.

Boot camp fitness is an entirely different story. Here, you are not just a part of a group - you are a part of the team! You will constantly interact with the coaches and other team members. You will make new friends, which will make the workouts more enjoyable. Instead of a chore, boot camp fitness will become the best part of your day.

Also, when you see people around you working out hard without complaining, you will change your attitude. Nothing is more motivating than seeing people around you giving their best - that is the best excuse killer you can imagine.


Benefit #5: Boot Camp Fitness Holds you Accountable

Being a part of the team means will keep you motivated but will also hold you accountable - if you skip workouts, your team mates will wonder where you are, you’ll be part of the group, and missed.

Yes, you are working out to improve your fitness level and looks. But, if you only rely on yourself, you are likely to quit or at least lose motivation at some point - which probably happened before to most people and set them back from achieving their goals.

However, when you work out in a group, you are more likely to continue doing it even after the initial motivation spark, which usually doesn't last more than a few weeks.

Another benefit of Boot Camp fitness is having pre-scheduled workouts. Here, there's no procrastination and the famous "I will get to the gym later" attitude. Instead, the schedule is set, which will also help to hold you accountable. Your only job is to show up and work out hard!


Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy is the home of Bootcamp fitness in Essex. Our carefully designed circuit training workouts last only 50 minutes which means you'll be able to fit them into your schedule no matter how busy. In those 50 minutes, you will have a blast, engaging every single muscle in your body while burning fat at the same time.

Therefore, don't wait - sign up and start transforming your body today.

Much though we’d like it to be the case, we’re not always able to stay as fit as can be, as human beings. There are inevitably times, no matter how athletic or fit we are, where we get injured. Whether you happen to be a casual jogger, though, or the most ardent gym-goer, everybody’s equally vulnerable when they first return to exercise post-injury. In fact, more hardened athletes are likely to be at even more risk, given that they’re the ones most likely going to try and return to training 100% before their body is perhaps ready for it.

Here at Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy, we know just how frustrating injury can be. We also know, however, just how much worse it is to come back from an injury before you’re properly ready. With that in mind, here are some great low-impact exercises and workouts you can try out as you get yourself back to full fitness. Whilst you’re here, you can sign up through this link and get a free 7-day class pass. Sign up now!


One of the easiest ways to ease yourself back into more strenuous activity is to start with some brisk walking. It’s something you can easily incorporate into your daily life, and scale it according to how your body is coping. If you feel like you can do a two-hour hike, then go for it – if you’re twinging after ten minutes, though, that’s alright too.

That’s the good thing about walking as an exercise; when you feel that something isn’t quite right or recovered, then you can stop before any more serious damage is done. With something like running on the other hand, you might run through any pain thanks to adrenaline and endorphins, only later realising how much worse you’ve made it.

Ditch the Lone Wolf Status!


Asides from being a great cardiovascular activity, swimming is also great for people coming back from injury. The buoyancy of water can help limit the stress and impacts placed upon joints, muscles and bones whilst exercising, making it ideal for those recovering, but who aren’t quite recovered. It helps build muscle whilst minimising impact, and can help alleviate tight areas in the body.



Yoga - traditionally at least - has conjured up notions of pseudo-mystic wellness and the sounds of whale music. The reality, though, is that yoga offers workouts (of varying intensity) that help target the entire body. Yoga helps lengthen muscle tissue, reduce stress and tightness, as well as improve range of motion throughout the body.

These are all things that can worsen over the course of an injury. For the avoidance of any risk, however, it’s advisable that you go to a qualified yogi to whom you can describe your previous injury, so as to avoid any potential risk of re-aggravating it.



Cycling, like swimming, is another low impact exercise that’s great for people recovering from an injury. People who have suffered knee injuries particularly benefit from cycling. Whether it be a ligament problem, like rupturing your ACL, or an issue with cartilage, cycling is unquestionably better for your knees than mile after mile of pounding the pavement.

Although it might be a bit more boring, we’d recommend stationary bikes as opposed to going out on the roads, at least at first. This is purely because the more uneven surfaces that riding outside will bring with it introduces the possibility of moving an already understrength joint or muscle in a way that instantly worsens it again.


Our Fitness Academy

Because we offer such varied and regularly changing workouts – no two workouts are the same! – you can rest assured that there’ll be exercises which are lower in impact and beneficial for recovery. That said, by the same reasoning, they’ll likely be some movements which are probably to give a miss.

If you talk give us a call and detail what sort of injury you’ve had, then our qualified personal trainer will be able to let you know whether coming to our sessions would be suitable or not. We will always err on the side of caution, though, as the safety and wellbeing of our academy members is our paramount concern. Regardless of whether you’re ready or not at the minute, you should come anyway when you’re back in fighting form!

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Injury is frustrating, however big or small, but it’s important that you taper your return properly, to best avoid repeat injury. So, if you’d like to find out more about our fitness academy, then get in touch to find out how you can come and try a class!

Getting fit is one of those common New Year’s Resolutions that all too often gets left by the wayside within a couple of months. Whether it’s the business of daily life, a lack of opportunity or a struggle for motivation, it’s easy to ‘want to get fit’ without ever actually ‘getting fit’. The truth, though, is that there are several easy ‘hacks’ you can follow to make getting (and staying) fitter much easier than you might’ve previously thought.

Here at Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy, our outdoor circuit training makes it easy for you to get fit in Essex this summer! We wanted to show you several tips and tricks to help make this summer your fittest yet! By clicking here, you also get a completely free downloadable fitness guide as well as access to our latest offers.

1. Mix Up Your Commute

In the winter months, it’s understandable why you might not want to walk the half an hour or so it would take you to get to work; after all, if it’s pelting down with rain, sleet or snow, then the last thing you want to be doing is standing stock-still at a pedestrian crossing! In summer, though, when the weather is (generally) better, then walking, running or cycling to work is a great way to bolster your daily activity levels.

The reason many people struggle to stick to their fitness goals is that they’re too dramatic with what they set out to achieve; we’re not suggesting you ditch the car or bus entirely in favour of aerobic alternatives, rather that you intersperse your weekly traffic jams with a bit of fresh air, too. When the weather’s good, what’s not to like about the idea of being in the sun more?

Mix Up Your Commute!

2. Ditch The Lone Wolf Status – Even Just For A Bit!

If you’re looking to get fit in Essex this summer, then it’s worth examining why you might have struggled in the past. More often than not, it comes back to the idea of accountability. When you’re training alone, it’s so much easier to skip that run, to say you’ll do that workout tomorrow – and that’s no matter how much motivation you’ve got! With our outdoor group training sessions, however, the fact you’re going through your workouts with other people means you’re held more accountable to keep up with your training!

Ditch the Lone Wolf Status!

3. Set Yourself Challenges

We’re all a little bit competitive deep down, whether we admit it or not. Even if it’s just with yourself, there’s something in each and every one of us that likes that feeling of achievement – of success. By setting yourself (manageable) goals, achievable feats that’ll keep you feeling good about your fitness journey, then you’re less likely to get demoralised or demotivated. It might be something as simple as reaching a new daily step goal on your phone’s in-built health app, or seeing if you can complete your jog without stopping to walk – they don’t have to be epic milestones, just enough of a dangling carrot to keep you on your fitness journey!

Set Yourself Challenges

4. Make Use Of Technology

For some people, no matter how good the weather, fitness and exercise isn’t something that’s enjoyable – and that’s ok! Not everyone wants to go on hikes or lift weights and that’s completely normal. Even for these people, though, it’s important to keep a base level of fitness. But how do you motivate someone to get fit when it’s not something that interests them?

Well, you shift the focus away from the exercise, that’s what you do! In recent years, the use of augmented reality (AR) technology within apps and games has meant that exercise can now be ‘gamified’. Apps like Pokémon Go get you up and active without realising that that’s what you’re doing. In other words, they can help you get fit without feeling like it’s the chore of getting fit!

Make use of technology!

5. Create A Plan – Stick To It

We’ve all been there before. You start out determined to run miles every day, to get to the gym before work at the crack of dawn and pump out PB after PB within your first few weeks. You’re more motivated and committed than you’ve ever been before, you tell yourself, and then after a month or so you find all that motivation and get-go has completely petered out. Ever heard that phrase it’s a marathon and not a sprint? Of course you have!

If you sign up to one of our memberships – which start from as little as just £15 per week - then you’re also signing up to a much more sustainable way of training; you can train up to three times per week, and having set times and sessions to attend means you’re much more likely to stick to committing longer term! Want to get fit in Essex this summer? Then don’t try and do it in one big go!

Create A Plan – Stick To It

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So, if you’d like to find out more about how you can get fit in Essex this summer, then just give our academy a call! If you click here, then you can make sign up to receive your free downloadable fitness guide, as well as making the most of our latest offers! Call us on 01702 232 470 or send us an email at info@elitefitnessacademy.co.uk. Check out our session schedule whilst you’re at it, by clicking here!

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