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30-Day Kick-Start Programme

30-days of training, help and support to get you started for just £69
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Focus on your first class, on your first day, of your first week that you decide to make the change in your health and fitness.
We'll then support you for the next 29 days (and more!) to help you get the focus, determination and results that you want.
Our 30-day programme is perfect for anyone who wants to start to make lasting change, but hates going to the gym and loves being in the fresh air.
Consultations with your Coach throughout your 30-days
Access to 3x training sessions per week
A practical guide to beat food cravings
Academy Starter Pack including t-shirt and personal equipment
Private Access to the Club APP to manage your training schedule

Enrol on our
30-day Kick Start 
Programme for just £69

Here's what matters in your first 30-days to ensure lasting change
Start to see your body changing and feel so much better about yourself
Feel stronger so everyday tasks are not so much of a struggle
Become more confident and get your self esteem back
Realise that you can achieve a fitness level that you never knew you had

Your Pathway To Transform Your Body 
and Take Back Control of Your Fitness

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If you know that you need to stop thinking about it, and take that first step to the chances you desperately want, our
30 day programme is the place to do that, and we’ll support you every step of the way.
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What happens if the weather is bad?

The idea of outdoor fitness is to train, whatever the weather. Your workouts will feel different (in a good way) in different types of weather. We know that in very bad weather, most outdoor fitness classes are cancelled but not us - we've got another option :)

If the weather is severe and the training space becomes very slippery, we have an indoor training space next to the outdoor academy that can be used for classes. This is a fully matted space (we use it daily to teach self defence classes) so it's a great option so we never need to cancel a class.

How much is membership to Elite?

Depending on your health and fitness goals, we have a number of memberships options that can be focused around both your goals, and your schedule to make sure you keep consistent and get the results you want.

The options available will be discussed at your personal consultation session with our head trainer.

Click the START HERE button on this page to book in your consultation call.

What days and times are the training sessions?

Our personal trainer lead outdoor fitness classes are available in both the morning, and evening.

Our current scheduled sessions are:

- Monday at 6.00am | 7.30am | 9.20am
- Tuesday at 6.00pm
- Wednesday at 6.00am | 7.30am | 9.20am
- Thursday at 6.00pm
- Friday at 6.00am | 7.30am | 9.20am

How long do your session last?

All. outdoor fitness classes are 50 minutes in duration.

Please allow for a little more time before and after your first few sessions for pre and post training consultations with your trainer.

What happens if I miss or can't make a training session?

When you become a member of the academy, you get access to our club app where you'll be able to book and reschedule classes as you need to.

Do you have bathroom or changing facilities?

We encourage you to come ready for your class, but if you need to be somewhere straight after you've finished, we have on-site bathrooms, changing rooms and showers that you can use.

Do you have parking?

We have private car park right next to the academy that holds up to 30 cars.

How do I find out more about joining?

Becoming a member all starts with a consultation with one of your team members so we can find out more about you and what you'd like to achieve. We'll also explain more about the options available to you discuss the best way to get you started.

To arrange a consultation, use any of the buttons on this web page.