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Find Corporate Gyms A Bit Intimidating? Try Our Outdoor Group Training Sessions, Instead!

by Jack Henderson

The gym can be an intimidating place, even for seasoned veterans. With glaring lights, jacked up muscle heads and more equipment than you could throw a stick at, many people find the prospect of training in a corporate-style gym understandably daunting. That’s before you even begin to factor in just how busy they can get, especially at peak times. That’s where our solution comes in! Our outdoor group training sessions are friendly and fun whilst still guaranteed to work up a heady mix of sweat and endorphins. We wanted to talk about what these sessions offer you that your typical 24-hour big box gym will struggle to.

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Train Together!

One of the things about corporate/franchise gyms is that you’ll often find yourself with nobody to go with. Whether it’s a case of schedules not aligning or simply that your family and friends aren’t as actively inclined as you, being surrounded by miles and miles of indoor cardio equipment can actually end up being a pretty lonesome place. The chances are, in fact, that you might end up skipping on going altogether with nobody to hold you to account.

Of course, for some people that’s part of the charm; their hour in the gym after work is their time to vent and decompress. But that’s certainly not the case for everybody. Workouts are meant to uplift you – they’re meant to make you feel good. Our outdoor group training sessions, on the other hand – which follow a set morning timetable – enable you to train with others and really foster a sense of friendship and community. The added bonus is that when you’ve booked into a class and you know your other attendees are going to be there too, it holds you to account to make sure you actually go!

A group together

Get Your Dose Of Vitamin D

Whilst most try to counter the fact with countless strip-lighting, the average big gym, hemmed into an industrial estate somewhere on the edge of town, is often actually a pretty dingy place. If you’re looking for something to encourage and motivate you on your workout, you don’t need some fancy shaker of pre-workout, you need a big dollop of vitamin D.

Crucial in the production of mood-boosting chemicals, the more sunshine we get, the more vitamin D we get. In other words, outdoor workouts equal happy workouts (even the hard ones!). An extra incentive? Our training property is private so, unlike those big sessions you see on communal parks on a Sunday afternoon, you’re not going to have any onlookers gorking at you as you swing a kettlebell! We even have our own indoors space as well for when the weather is really foul. We’ll always do our best, however, to train outdoors if at all possible. It’s our philosophy and we believe in it!


Simple Workouts Done Well

Walking into a big gym can sometimes feel like opening an exam paper that you’ve not revised for. The sheer quantity and variety of equipment on display leave even the most experienced of personal trainers sometimes looking up YouTube tutorial videos.

"Walking into a big gym can sometimes feel like opening an exam paper that you've not revised for."

Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy

If you spent long enough in the gym, you’d almost certainly find some sort of machine designed to ‘tone’ your big toe or add mass to your ear lobes. Whilst we might be exaggerating a little bit, it’s no exaggeration to say that it can be overwhelming for lots of people. Our outdoor group training sessions make use of our various functional fitness zones which use less equipment but that equipment we do use is nice and fun.


Outdoor Group Training Sessions Are Perfect For These Pandemic Times

Thankfully (or hopefully, at least) we’re coming towards the end of the pandemic and what’s been an inordinately challenging twelve months for everybody. We’re not there yet, though, and so long as you can’t go by a day without hearing the word ‘COVID’ then outdoor group training sessions remain one of your safest bets, in terms of getting your exercise fix.

As much effort as corporate gyms put into COVID-securing their facilities – and it’s impressive just how clean those spaces have been made, we have to say - it’s a simple fact that viral transmission risk is greater in indoor settings than outdoors. Training outdoors more easily enables social distancing, and any equipment we do use, we make sure to clean as thoroughly as possible to give you peace of mind.


Something For Everybody

Something people might worry about coming to outdoor group training sessions rather than having access to the options that a bigger corporate gym provides, is that they won’t be able to get the sort of workout they’re after. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however! Our different training zones are targeted on and focus different styles of training and workout. Some, for instance, look to target purely cardio whilst others look to build muscle and work on strength and conditioning. Basically, you can be assured that there’s something for everybody!

group session to represent something for everybody

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