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Bootcamp Training

Battlesbridge - Essex

Small group outdoor fitness
and circuit training

A unique private outdoor training space in the heart of Essex, offering bootcamp style group circuit training. We help Essex men and women who are feeling unfit, out of shape and low on energy, who want to tone, lean up, get in great shape and re-energise themselves without feeling overwhelmed and confused. 
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How training works

All sessions are catered for all levels of fitness and last for 50 minutes. Our coaches are experienced in adapting each circuit and exercise to suit your individual needs or goals. You will never feel intimated or out of place at one of our training sessions, our ego-free environment is one of a kind. 
Classes in small groups so you get personal focus.
No routines so you won't 
get bored.
Training with like minded people so you stay motivated.
Simple and functional programs that get you results.
Ongoing health & fitness advice, whenever you need it.
Club App access so you can train whenever you want.
Come and meet us to find out more, book yourself a free 7-day trial using the button below.
I’d been looking for an outdoor fitness facility for sometime, as I hate going to the gym.  I’d seen a lot of bootcamps in the local park, but then I found the Elite Academy.  The facilities are amazing, the coaches are committed to making sure you achieved your goals.  I turn up, it’s all set up and I have an amazing workout each and every time.  Never felt better!
Sarah - Hullbridge

Meet the Team

Jon Bullock

Jon Bullock

Welcome, my name is Jon Bullock and I’m the Founder of Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy.

We are passionate about offering you structured, enjoyable training, in a safe environment as we work together, towards achieving your goals! 

You’ll be training alongside a group of like-minded individuals with their own goals, but who come together to work as a team, to make sure everyone is progressing, accountable and showing up. 

It’s a team effort! 

After all, you may have to sometimes drag yourself to training, but there’s no such thing as a bad workout! 

Our group atmosphere will make sure you show up, step up and feel amazing.


Rees Crawford

I have not always been into fitness and I was once heavy, out of shape and struggled to climb. Things needed to change, it wasn’t easy, but I fell in love with the process and it training became a passion.

I became a fitness instructor and personal trainer because I know how it feels to be in a situation that you aren’t happy with your weight and fitness and I want to help others feel the way I do now.

The hardest part of the process is that first step of showing up at that first lesson.

But I guarantee that within minutes of meeting us, you’ll feel welcome and at home.

All I need is for you to show up that first time, and we’ll do the rest together, as a team.

I am proud to the the lead coach at the Elite Fitness Academy, I look forward to meeting you, discussing your goals and helping you achieve them.