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Bootcamp Training in Battlesbridge

Finding a fitness solution that you can stick with can be tough, but we’ve taken every step to design a varied program that is fun, helps keep you motivated and gets results.

Group Training

Training in groups increases commitment levels and competition, meaning that you’ll naturally push harder and have fun doing it.

Private Grounds

You’ll train in private floodlit grounds which are not overlooked by the public, so you’ll never feel awkward or self conscious.
Elite Fitness Academy

Outdoor Facilities

With all weather surfaces to train on, and equipment like battle ropes, kettlebells, resistance bands and our own outdoor punch bag frame, training is fun and varied.

Healthy Environment

According to medical research, training outdoors massively reduces exposes to viruses, and your get all the benefits of breathing fresh air whilst you train.

Encouragement & Support

You won't have a sergeant major screaming in your ear, but you will be encouraged to push yourself and receive support from your fellow members, who will soon become your friends.


Membership packages start from just £15 per week.
The membership package that you decide to choose will be based upon your schedule and your initial fitness goals. Everybody is different.
There is no annual contract. We simply ask you to commit for 90-days to focus towards achieving your initial goals.
I Joined Elite Fitness back in Sept 2020 to improve my own fitness, I thoroughly enjoy the early morning sessions with Rees they are really challenging, no two sessions are the same, using lots of different equipment. During this time I have achieved so much more than I thought possible and have even dropped a couple of dress sizes which is a bonus!! It’s a great friendly atmosphere training with like-minded people all in weathers and having fun too. I can highly recommend this for anyone of any fitness, they know your limits and push you when they know you can do more.
Claire F

Getting Started

Getting started is fast and simple so book now to secure your place! 


Register Online

Simply click the button, register your details and tell us a little more about what you’d love to achieve with your health and fitness.


Book a Session

Book your first class and get unlimited access to book any class over a 7 day period. We run 18 classes per week so just choose when you’d like to train.


Have Fun & Get Fit

Enjoy the benefits of outdoor bootcamp training with our expert instructors and our amazing members at any of our weekly session.   


What does an outdoor fitness workout involve?

Each Elite outdoor session involves working in small training groups across a variety of equipment and zones. Some zones are focused more on cardio - raising your heart rate and burning fat, others are focused more on building strength and conditioning. Most of the zones are functional fitness - doing movements that mimic everyday actions, incorporating multiple muscles groups at the same time. Our coaches plan different workouts that involves various pieces of equipment and different activities.

Our goal is always to get you feeling fitter, healthier and stronger whilst making sure the workouts are fun and interesting.
The more you enjoy something, the more motivated you will be to do it or more and reach your goals.

Is outdoor training better than going to the gym?

This depends on what you prefer. Do you like to be outdoors or indoors? Do you like to lift very heavy weights or do you prefer fun equipment or bodyweight workouts?

At the end of the day the best exercise is the one you do regularly so do whatever you enjoy most. At Elite we love being outdoors amongst the trees and getting the extra boost to our mental wellbeing. And as our field is private and secluded, you can enjoy working out without onlookers taking an interest.

Being outdoors, we're also in a much better position to observe social distancing guidelines and help to minimise the spread of virus' like Covid-19.

How many calories do you burn in an hour of bootcamp?

This depends on the intensity of the class and can range from 400-800 calories. But the benefits of training outdoors go way beyond just burning calories. Getting fitter, stronger and improving both your mood and mental health are amazing side effects of training outdoor fitness.

What do I need to wear?

You will be outside in all weathers so it’s a good idea to layer up. That way you can add or remove clothes as you need to. Trainers with a good grip and a decent pair of gloves (ideally waterproof) are advised. A thin breathable waterproof jacket comes in handy too. Other than that, just wear whatever you are comfortable in, depending on the time of year.

What happens if the weather is bad?

The idea of outdoor fitness is to train, whatever the weather. Your workouts will feel different (in a good way) in different types of weather. We know that in very bad weather, most outdoor fitness classes are cancelled but not us - we've got another option :)

If the weather is severe and the training space becomes very slippery, we have an indoor training space next to the outdoor academy that can be used for classes. This is a fully matted space (we use it daily to teach self defence classes) so it's a great option so we never need to cancel a class.

Where can I park my car?

We have private car park right next to the academy that holds up to 30 cars.

Do you have bathroom or changing facilities?

We encourage you to come ready for your class, but if you need to be somewhere straight after you've finished, we have on-site bathrooms, changing rooms and showers that you can use.

What happens if I can't make a training session?

When you become a member of the academy, you get access to our club app where you'll be able to book and reschedule classes as you need to.

When are the training sessions?

You can take a look at our available sessions by visiting our schedule page. We offer 3 morning sessions at different times on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and an evening session on Tuesday and Thursday.
Take a look at our schedule page for timings.

How much are your training programmes?

This is a common question, but actually quite hard to answer. It really depends on you, and what you'd like to achieve and the time you want to invest. We'd need too know a little bit more about you, and make sure the academy is right for you. That's why we invite you to take a 7-day free trial, so you can take part in a class, and talk to us about how we might be able to help.

Just use the button below to book 7-day free trial. You can choose the date and time that you'd prefer. We'll then send all the details about your first class on email, straight away.