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Why You Should Try Our Wickford Boot Camp This Summer

by Jack Henderson

With spring upon us, summer won’t be far behind! If you’ve found yourself wanting to get more active because of the last year, then you’re not alone! In fact, Sports England found that post-lockdown last year, the majority of people were intending to keep up their new ‘active’ habits – whether that was extra walking, running or even cycling. The British Medical Journey has lent its academic heft to the topic, too, with a study finding that community interest in activity surged post-lockdown.

It seems, then, that we’re all chomping at the bit to get a sweat on! Here at our Wickford boot camp, we offer no-pressure group workouts outdoors for all levels of fitness! We wanted to talk through some of the reasons why you should come and check out our sessions this summer! We’re even offering you a free downloadable fitness guide as well as some great offers, when you register here!

Train Outdoors? Reap The Rewards

We’ve all of us spent the best part of twelve months cooped up inside, and you’d be forgiven for not wanting to spend your first proper summer allowed back out and about again within a corporate gym’s four box walls. If we get a good summer weather-wise (and fingers crossed that we do) then you’ll want to be spending as much time outdoors as possible. Whether that’s socialising with friends, going on holiday with your family or with your exercise!

When the weather’s good, there’s really no reason why you wouldn’t want to train outdoors at our Wickford boot camp! You get to train with other like-minded people in a friendly environment, get the benefits of an added dose of vitamin D and you may even get a nice tan whilst you’re at it!


Stick To It!

If you’ve started out on your own individual fitness ‘journey’ in the past, you may have found that you started out well before quickly losing motivation and the whole thing peters out like a damp squib. By going to regular weekly sessions, though, you’ve got that added accountability and you don’t need to worry about formulating a routine – that’s already been done for you!

So, all you’re left having to do is to make sure you rock up to our Wickford boot camp ready to work up a sweat; and trust us, you will! Our sessions are primarily morning-based as we believe this to be the best time to work out! Within that, we offer a range of different sessions, so you can be guaranteed that whether you’re the earliest of birds or a later riser, there’ll be a session for you. We also make sure to mix things up as well, so that you’ll never be left feeling bored when you come to one of our sessions.



When you train with our Wickford boot camp, there are no catches and no snags. We don’t expect you to commit to annual contracts – especially after the year it’s been – we only ask that you commit to 90 days of training to get a true feel for our academy. With basic membership packages starting from only £15 per week, you’re getting all the expertise and exercise a corporate franchise would offer you without the exorbitant price tags! Our sessions are straightforward, simple and focus on functional fitness so you know what you’re getting – no fancy titles or classes you’ll never end up going to!


Safe & Secure

Lots of people like the idea of these boot camps - of training outdoors in the sun and making the most of weather – but they typically take place in public parks where people end up gawking and you can never find any parking. Our Academy is on private land, however, with its own private car park to boot. The result? You can get that authentic boot camp experience without being passed by every other second by a dog walker, group of teenagers or little old ladies with their walking frames.

Now, you’ve probably been reading this thinking “but what if the weather is bad?...” but we even have that covered, too! We have indoor training facilities usually reserved for our accompanying martial arts academy, but it’s the perfect space for if the heavens open. So, we’ve got equipment, personal trainers, great offers, affordable memberships and almost certainty some bad jokes to help motivate you through your workouts along the way. What more could you ask for?!


Contact Us

So, if you’d like to find out more about our Wickford boot camp and how you can get involved this summer, then get in touch! Contact Elite Outdoor Fitness Academy today on 01702 232 470 or by emailing us at info@elitefitnessacademty.co.uk. Remember, you can check out our latest offers by clicking here!

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